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What is the ToolKit series?

The Petroleum Engineering ToolKit series is a group of easy-to-use worksheet programs developed for the oil and gas professional. The ToolKit programs run on Excel® 5.0 or later and are designed to perform the calculations required for managing oil and gas properties. Anyone familiar with spreadsheet software will have no problems using the ToolKit programs. These programs are currently used by thousands of engineers and other oil and gas professionals around the world. They represent one of the best values in the oil and gas software industry. The ToolKit series includes the Reservoir ToolKit, Production ToolKit, Economic ToolKit, and the RP-97 ToolKit.

Some of the tasks that the ToolKit series allows you to do:

  • Calculate fluid properties.
  • Calculate oil and gas in place and recoverables from volumetric and pressure information.
  • Calculate abandonment pressures for gas wells.
  • Predict fluid loading problems in gas wells.
  • Predict future well performance from reservoir properties.
  • Calculate the changes in gas rates that can be expected when evaluating a well for compression.
  • Forecast the oil production from waterfloods or water drive reservoirs under different fluid withdraw rates.
  • Design and size pumping units, gas lift systems, and submersible pumps.
  • Make log calculations including porosity cross plots.
  • Calculate pressure drops in tubing and flowlines.
  • Perform well economics.
  • Make waterflood calculations.
  • Make calculations on horizontal wells.
  • Calculate primary or squeeze cementing designs.
  • Check tubing designs or tubing movement.

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