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The Production ToolKit

      Gas Lift Design

  • AGL_DSN - Finds injection depth and injection pressure to gas lift various production rates from a given well. 
  • AGL_FLD - Determines test rack pressures for spring loaded production pressure (fluid) gas lift valves. 
  • AGL_GRAD - Determines the approximate tubing production pressure at depth for various gas on rates. 
  • AGL_SET - Calculates test rack opening pressures for injection pressure operated valves. Up to 12 nitrogen charged bellows valves are permitted. 
  • AGL_SPAC  - Can be used for spacing injection and production operated gas lift valves. 
  • AGL_TEMP  - Calculates the temperature profile for flowing & gas lifted wells. 
  • CT-TEMP - Calculates the temperature correction factors for nitrogen charged valves.

      Rod Pumping Design

  • APIRP11L - Uses the method outlined in API Recommended Practice 11L for design calculations for a (steel) sucker rod pumping system (Conventional Unit). 
  • ROD_FCF - Calculates correction factor for tapered steel sucker rods consistent with API RP 11L & will provide Fc values for non API taper string designs. 
  • ROD_TAP - Checks the sucker rod loads for various rod sizes and lengths. 
  • ROD_GA - Calculates IPR rates for oil and water, the total required displacement using the Shell gas anchor equation.

      Other Artificial Lift Programs

  • ESP_DSN - Designs an electrical submersible pump as outlined in API RP 11U/11S4. 
  • FREE_GAS - Calculates the volume of free gas at various downhole pressure conditions and is used primarily to select the minimum pump intake pressure when using downhole pumps. 
  • LIFT_SLCT (1&2)- Used to make a full life cycle economic evaluation (before tax) of an artificial lift installation. Calculates the yearly production, revenue and operating costs plus generates a cumulative income vs time graph.

      Gas Flow Calculations

  • GAS-LPD - Calculates the linear pressure drop (LPD) for gas flow through a relatively short perforating tunnel filled with gravel or formation sands using the Forchheimer equation. 
  • GAS_RPD - Calculates radial pressure drop (RPD) in a gas producing zone from the wellbore to the drainage boundary or to a specified radius. 
  • GAS_TCF - Models a gravel packed gas well as outlined by McLeod. 
  • GAS_VEL - Calculates the velocities in tubing or flow lines for wells producing gas and liquid in two-phase flow. 
  • GAS_IPR - Calculates a gas rate vs flowing bottom-hole-pressure IPR curve and a dry gas tubing performance curve for pseudo-steady state flow.

      Inflow Calculations - Oil Wells

  • IPR_DCL - Constructs a series of IPR curves for an oil well in a dissolved gas drive reservoir with declining pressure. 
  • IPR_DCL uses an empirical approach proposed by Fetkovich and the Vogel IPR equation. 
  • IPR_DMG - Based on work of Klins and Majcher (K&M) using their equation for oil well under solution-gas drive. 
  • IPR_FET - Uses an empirical equation suggested by Fetkovich to calculate the IPR for oil wells in a dissolved gas drive reservoir. 
  • IPR_VOG - Calculates and constructs an oil IPR curve for oil wells using the Vogel correlation. 
  • IPR_WIG -IPR proposed by Wiggins for flow of oil & free gas and water & free gas (multi-phase flow) from homogeneous, bounded reservoirs during boundary dominated flow.

      Tubing Design

  • TBG_DSN1, TBG_DSN2 - Used to check the design for one or two-taper tubing string. It checks the tubing in tension, collapse, and burst. 
  • TBG_MVMT - Used to investigate tubing motion and loads during and after landing. Program is based on the classic paper by Lubinski, Althouse, and Logan.

      Oil Well Flow Calculations

  • OIL_LPD - Calculates linear pressure drop (LPD) for oil flowing through a perforation tunnel or a section of tubulars. 
  • OIL_RPD - Calculates the radial pressure drop (RPD) in an oil formation, damaged zone or gravel packed zone. 
  • OIL_TCF - Calculates pressure drop for single phase liquid flow through a perforation tunnel, a hemi-spherical (converging) section of the formation, and the formation to the desired boundary. It attempts to model flow in typical gravel packed oil wells. 
  • PERM_AVG - Calculates the average permeability and the resulting production in an oil reservoir with up to ten different permeability parallel layers assuming psuedo-steady-state flow. 
  • PERM_SER - Calculates the average permeability and the resulting production for up to three different permeabilities cylindrical (series) zones. It assumes steady-state radial flow.

      Miscellaneous Production Programs

  • CMT_DSN - Designs a basic primary cement job. It calculates volumes, rates, and the resulting pressures and shows potential problem areas. 
  • COMPRESS - Quick calculation for sizing a gas compressor. 
  • UND-PERF - Aids in the selection of the required underbalance needed for adequate cleanout of the perforations.

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