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The Reservoir ToolKit

     Log Calculations

  • LOG, LOGND, LOGSN - Calculates water saturation from the Archie equation with cross plot calculations. 
  • RWSAL - Formation water salinity and resistivity. 
  • SWPOR - Water saturation from SP and porosity. 
  • SWPORSS - Water saturation for shaly sands.

     Pressure Build-ups

  • BUOIL, BUGAS - Reservoir permeability and skin damage of a well utilizing build-up pressure data. PTA - Horner and other plots of pressure build-up data used to determine the slope, P 1hr and P*.

     Fluid Properties

  • CWCALC - Compressibility of water. 
  • FORMCOMP - Formation compressibility for over pressured reservoirs. GASCOMP - Gas compositional analysis. 
  • GAS-PROP  -- Gas compressibility factor, calculates gas gravity as corrected for condensate yields. 
  • GASVIS, H2OVIS, OILVIS - Calculate viscosities. 
  • PBP - Bubble point pressure. 
  • GOR - Gas-oil ratio for gas condensate reservoirs.

     Volumetric and Material Balance Calculations

  • BHP_CUM  - Gas in place and recoverable reserves from cumulative gas production and pressures.
  • BHP_OVER - BHP/Z vs cum plot for over pressured reservoirs. 
  • BHPTIME - Plots bottom hole pressures vs time.
  • GASMBE - Gas material balance. 
  • GASVOL  - Calculates volumetrics and recoverable reserves for a gas well.
  • OILMBE - Oil material balance calculations with water influx and gas cap. 
  • OOIP - Calculates original oil in place from oil properties and reservoir properties.

     Production Calculations

  • CUMCURVE  - Cum gas and oil versus rate plot. 
  • DECLINE - Exponential decline calculation.
  • PROD - Monthly production data and semilog plot rate vs time.

     Four Point Calculations

  • 1POINT - Gas well AOF with one test point and the slope from the four point test. 
  • 4POINT, 4POINT3 - Calculate absolute open flow and slope from four point tests for a gas well.

     Darcy Flow Calculations

  • DARCY, DARCY2, DARCY3 - Expected gas rate for initial reservoir, gas properties and pressures. 
  • DARCYW, DARCYO - Darcy radial flow equations for water and oil.

     Inflow Calculations

  • GASDEL - New flow rate with a change in surface flowing pressure. 
  • INFLOW - A plot of bottom hole flowing pressures for different tubing pressures and gas rates. 
  • PSEUDO - Gas deliverability using the pseudo pressure equations. 
  • VOGELIPR - IPR values and curve using the Vogel method.

     Bottomhole and Pressure Drop Calculations

  • OILFLOW, GASFLOW, H2OFLOW - Pressure drops of fluids flowing in pipe. 
  • BHPWHP  - . Bottom hole calculation for gas wells from shut-in pressures for either a flowing or shut-in gas well. 
  • PWF_LIQ - Flowing bottom hole pressures for a gas well with oil and water production. 
  • DEEPPWF  - Cullender/Smith method for calculating the bottomhole pressure for wells greater than 12,000 feet;

     Waterflood Calculations

  • CRAIGWF - Produces relative permeability curve and calculates the oil recovery at different water cuts using the Craig method.
  • CUTCUM - Predicts future performance with the option to change future fluid withdrawal rates. 
  • H2O_INJ - Injection rates in a waterflood well for different waterflood patterns. 
  • OILPERM - Oil well permeability using three producing rates and flowing pressures.
  • PERMVAR - Permeability variance factor. 
  • RECOVERY - Guthrie-Greenberger equation to estimate an oil recovery factor. 
  • RELPERM - The Wyllie equation to calculate the relative permeability curves for oil, gas, and water. 
  • SWEEP - Sweep efficiencies for different waterflood injection patterns.

     Quick Economics

  • ECONGAS, ECONOIL, ECONGASD, ECONOILD - A quick economic model that calculates a present worth profile, 
  • ROR, DROR, IRR and payout.

     Miscellaneous Reservoir Calculations

  • AFE - This is a drilling AFE form. 
  • APIFORE - API formula for estimated oil recovery factor for a waterflood field. 
  • CURVE - Curve matching of data by linear, exponential, logarithmic, and power functions. 
  • DIRSURV1, DIRSURV2 - Well deviation surveys. 
  • GASLOAD, LOADUP - Minimum required gas rates needed to lift condensate or water from the wellbore. 
  • METRIC - Common English-Metric and Metric-English conversions. 
  • REC_OIL - API method to calculate oil recovery for a gas drive reservoir. 
  • SCALE - Predicts scale formation of oil field fluids. 
  • SLANT - Corrected formation thicknesses based on measured values.

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