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ToolKit Tips

The following information answers some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

What is the ToolKit database?

The new release of the Petroleum ToolKit programs (version 8.0db) now includes a database for all the variables that are used in the ToolKit programs.  These variables are stored in a text form with one file per wells or recorded saves.  These files are stored in the Wells folder located under ToolKit program installation folder. 

Each well file contains over 6,600 variables.  Every variable is given a name and there is a special file, with an extension of “ini”, that is associated with each of the 134 ToolKit programs.  These “ini” files must be in the same directory as the normal ToolKit files.

What is a circular reference?

Probably the most frequent question involves a "Circular Reference" message that appears when opening one of the ToolKit programs.  The message usually occurs for a new installation or a new install of Microsoft Office.  The problem is that the Petroleum ToolKit programs need to iterate to converge onto many of the gas and fluid properties.  All of the ToolKit programs are stored with nine iterations.  Unfortunately, Microsoft Excel, when first installed, does not recognize this setting.  You will need to make this change, once, within Excel and then things will calculate as needed.  This change is made as follows: 

  • From the Excel main menu bar, select "Tools" and then "Options".
  • Click on the "Calculation" tab.  
  • Verify there is a check in the box just to the right of "Iteration" and there is a "9" for maximum iterations.
  • Click on OK - the change is now completed.

 How do I change the format of a ToolKit spreadsheet?

You can change much of the formatting on the Petroleum ToolKit programs.  All the spreadsheets are stored as "Protected" but this can be easily changed.  The programs are protected to keep someone from changing an equation by mistake.  You are not allowed to change any of the spreadsheet formatting with the protection on.  To remove the protection, select the "Tools" main menu and then "Protection" and then "Unprotect spreadsheet".  We do not use any passwords in the protection.

You will then be able to change things like fonts, color, column size, and borders.  It is important to not insert or delete any columns or rows.  It is also important not to move any of the input cells to another location.  These type of changes will break the new version 8.0db feature of loading data from a well database.

Do you have more questions about the ToolKit programs? Please contact us via e-mail, phone, fax, or postal mail.

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